Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Everything Else

And to catch up on the rest of the fun since the end of April...

Dallin's parents came to visit at the beginning on May. We introduced them to BJ's and the pizookie, and also to our favorite donut shop.

LEGO creations
Kylie had her first every dentist appointment. She did fantastic (once she realized she could watch Tinkerbell on the tv on the ceiling.) She now loves to floss her teeth every night. And we are working on spitting out our new toothpaste and mouthwash. :)

We went to the beach with some of our good friends, the Parkers, (who are moving to North Carolina soon.) Everyone had a great time in the sand pit, and Kylie was happy most of the time. Except for when she got knocked over by the waves...

McKenna spent most of the time sleepin. :)

not so happy about being all wet...
She recovered quickly..
We threw a surprise party for the Parkers at the church. It was so fun, lots of kids, lots of food, and lots of good conversation. We also had a bunch of friends over for Memorial Day and had a delicious BBQ and learned a new game (Dabble.)

I went to a much needed GNO and we chatted, ate snacks, and did our nails. So fancy. :) I also got crafty and made some baprons... no more ripping off the bibs and ruining clothes. :)

We got new phones!! I have finally made the switch to a smartphone... It's only as wide as my previous phone was tall... and as long as my arm.

And I think that is about it! Dallin starts his bonding leave on June 24th, so we're trying to get ourselves and the house ready for that! Can't wait!!


The warm weather is here! Which means it's time for our annual Intel races... amount other things. :)

The first race was a little 5K on May 21st. Dallin pushed the girls in the double jogger, it was a very hilly course, and was VERY hot and humid, so in other words... He is awesome. I placed 1st for the women, and Dallin placed for 1st in the double jogger division. :)

Oh and he also mapped out the route on his bike :)

Our second race was this past weekend on June 5th. We choose to do the 10K, without knowing the temperature was going to be 93 degrees when the race started. It was miserable. But we did it. I finished in 54 minutes and Dallin came in about 10 seconds over an hour. Mom came for the weekend so she was able to watch the girls while we melted ran. What fun.

so much love.
Rosy cheeks form the heat...
We're alive!
Our next race is the Hero Up Half in September! And then a marathon in October! Doubling my distance every race. Woohoo!


We are LOVING the weather these days!

We get out and explore most days, whether rain or sun. :) Kylie is gaining a love for rain, it makes me so proud. :)

One specific day, it was pouring, but was still super warm so we decided to go out in our bare feet and play in puddles, etc. Our short dance party turned into an hour long walk around the neighborhood. Love it.

On the really hot days we have been joining our friends for some much needed playtime in the water.

All of our playing outside means SOMETIMES I get to enjoy when this happens. Although it is very rare. (she thinks she doesn't need naps... but she does.)

We have revamped the yard once again. We replaced the wood planters, and added/rearranged plants in the front and back. It looks So much better!

Don't mind the forest that is our grass... Mowing it just takes SO long... we can't find the time. :P

6 Months Old!

Our McKenna Jane turned 6 months old on May 21st! Crazy.

Stats from her appointment. 15 lb. 13 oz. 26.75 inches.
She's growing and learning new things every day.

She can:
Scoot around and turn herself in circles.
Pull herself up on things... but she's a little wobbly.

Drink from sippy cups and water bottles.

sometimes the water is a little too cold... ha!
Sit up by herself, it's only when she gets really excited that she kicks herself over.

Favorite Things:
Her Sister.

Kylie picked out their outfits.. matchy matchy!

Feeding herself Mums and Puffs.

Kylie loves the puffs too... McKenna has to be FAST otherwise all the snacks on her tray will be gone.

Babbling as well as growling. Her favorite "word" is Mommommom. I know she's not actually saying my name, but it's still adorable.
Clapping. She also smiles and reaches for me every time I enter the room. So sweet.

Carrots. Unless disguised by other flavors.
Losing her pacifier. She can take it out 100% of the time... and only gets it back in about 30%.
Not being included at the dinner table, or having to wait too long in between bites of food.

Other Things:
She rocks her ponytail. Oh. My. Cute.

She will FINALLY take a bottle. Hallelujah!
She still takes great naps, and is now sleeping through the night most nights. I have stopped feeding her at night, so she is learning to put herself back to sleep. YAY!

Kylie is growing and learning too. Although her drawings still have arms coming out of their heads...