Friday, February 24, 2017

Jayce Update

As I'm still trying to catch up... we are going to clump all of Jayce's stats and updates together in one blog! yay!

2 months! 12lbs. 10 oz. 23.75 inches tall Loves the binky, smiling, sleeping and eating(but mostly sleeping.) Started laughing.

4 months! 15 lbs. 26 inches tall Started rolling over and grabbing for toys. Still the happiest baby alive. Talks to us all the time, and loves to stick out his tongue. Got his first haircut (closer to 5 months...)

still likes to snuggle. :)
Passport picture.

6 months! Sitting up. His hair has turned BLONDE! Eating baby food. Rolling all over the place. Sticks his bum up in the air and scoots himself forward (are we seriously that close to crawling?!) Smiling and laughing. Sleep trained. Learned to turn the pages of a book. Adores his sisters. Loves to sleep with hands up by his head.

Ella's Blessing

We decided to head back to Kennewick on February 18th (we just can't stay away!!)

Baby Ella was getting blessed that Sunday, and we have a really hard time passing up opportunities to see our family! :)
Jayce did not want to stay still for the picture!

Dallin had Monday off, so we got to stay an extra day rather then heading home after church on Sunday. It was a short trip, but definitely worth it!

Our girls adore their great-grandparents. Kylie sat with them for all of church, and McKenna would be perfectly content spending the whole day in Grandma's lap.

Love Day

Kylie was so excited to celebrate "Love Day" this year. (Thank you Daniel Tiger...)

She was sure to wear all pink!
Kylie and McKenna put hearts all around the house, and we made a "love tree" of some of the things we love for family home evening the night before.

On Valentine's Day we had heart shaped breakfast, made cards for each other, and had the traditional Hague Valentine's Dinner with candy scattered around the table.

They could not wait until dinner started, they sat there for about 15 minutes...
The girls and I practiced our kisses on the mirror. We had a great time, and they loved that I let them put on real lipstick. :)

McKenna has pretty perfect kisses. lol.
 It was a great day. I absolutely LOVE my family.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Punta Cana

Dallin. Jayce and I spent a week in Punta Cana, Dominican Repulbic with Dallin's parents for an audiology conference. It was SUCH a nice break from the snow, rain and freezing temperatures.

Jayce was the perfect traveler, he cried for maybe a total of 10 minutes on all 14 hours of flights, and he would sleep in my arms or on my lap while we flew. Dallin and I were able to get caught up on all the new (and not so new) movies we've been wanting to watch. :)

We had one little hiccup during the trip. Jayce has only ever slept through the night in his rock'n'play, so we brought it with us to Punta Cana. And... forgot it in the airport. HA! We were so excited to get to the hotel, I counted our things (there were 5 checked bags, which is the amount we checked... but I counted the stroller which I hadn't done earlier because Jayce had been in it... oops.) Anyway, I realized as we were driving up to the resort entrance that we had forgotten it. Luckily Jayce slept fine in the bed with us (with his feet in my face and head by Dallin) and we were able to get someone to bring us his rocker the next day. Whew!

he ended up really liking our bed...
Dallin spoiled me with a "spa night." He took Jayce and let me take a nice long bath with a special relaxing bath bomb that he had bought ahead of time. I was super surprised when there was this beautiful ring inside! He's so sneaky!!

I couldn't get out on the beach with my pina colada fast enough. ;)

My family watched the girls while we were gone. My mother is amazing. I missed the girls the whole time, they really are becoming my best friends. But we were able to skype them multiple times, and Kylie wrote us an email everyday. :)

And now for the picture dump... ENJOY!!

This was a big deal for me! I am terrified of snakes... I still can't believe I was able to get myself to do this. Also... look at his tongue! So creepy...
They were piled up like this everyday... so random.
He loved to have his feet up!
First time in the ocean!
They had this awesome pool party!! Foam and balloons!
Jayce would sleep for 2-4 hours like this every day.
Our sandcastle. :)
He liked the pool more than the ocean
He really wasn't thrilled about the ocean... ha!
Beach party!
All checked out! But don't want to leave!