Thursday, September 7, 2017


Kylie started full day Kindergarten on September 7th.

She was so excited to go!! I took her to school, helped her eat breakfast and then showed her where to line up so she could follow her teacher into her classroom. She gave me a big hug, and then started talking to her teacher and the other students about all kinds of things.

Little shorty in the back! ha

My little sweetheart is growing up.

(and I'm still completely in denial that I have a child in school!)

Half Marathon

I came back from Kennewick just in time for our Half Marathon on September 2nd!!

Dallin and I have been training for the last few months and race day was finally here!! Andy stayed the night at our house so we could bring the kids to the race for us (we had to be there really early for the start of the half.)

 We wore our superhero outfits (and even had a random stranger ask to have his picture taken with us.) Dallin had a goal to run at a 10 min/mile, so I was helping to pace him. We ran together until mile 12, when Dallin needed to take a minute to walk, but I kept running. I was scared that I might not start running again if I stopped. ha!

I felt great afterwards (although I was sore that night!!) We finished in time to watch our girls run in the Kid's Race, and to chat with family.

Afterward we all went swimming and then to the Burnett's for a lunch get-together.

It was so great seeing so much family! I'm sorry we don't see each other more often!!

We loved having everyone stay through the weekend and visit for a few days. What a great way to remember and celebrate such incredible heroes.

Last Hurrah

I drove to Kennewick with the kids on August 25th for one last week of vacation before school started (and because Dallin was going to be off on High Adventure and I don't like to be home alone.)

We got to celebrate with the Hague family for Mom's birthday on Sunday. Jayce started walking (more than just 2 or 3 steps) to chase after his cousins.

On the 29th we celebrated Trevor's Birthday!! While he was at school we decorated the house, and filled his car with balloons. Then he joined us for swimming and we went to Olive Garden for dinner. What a great kid he is. My children just adore him!!

Trick candles. McKenna decided he needed help.
Breadsticks with a side of croutons=Dallin's son
Kylie and I went on a date to do some school shopping. She loved trying on all the different outfits in the dressing room. And equally loved putting on a fashion show for grandma and grandpa with all her new clothes.

Work got a little crazy for Dallin and he ended up not being able to go on the High Adventure after all. That was a total bummer, and I felt a little silly for being in Kennewick when he never actually ended up going anywhere.

It was still fun and the girls got in a lot of good swimming!! Kylie can now go off the slide and diving board without any floaties/tubes, and she is practicing swimming without goggles! Go girl!


Like many others, we shied away from traveling to go see totality during the eclipse on August 21st (we really should have drove the 25 miles...) But we enjoyed the 99.7% that we had here! My parents were in town and had fun watching it get dark and cold with us. Thanks for awesome friends that let us share a pair of eclipse glasses!!

The day after the eclipse my parents and I took the kids for a day at the beach. The weather was wonderful, and we even saw crabs walking along the beach and digging down in the sand. It was crazy. The kids had a great time in the sand.

The same weekend we moved both the girls out of their toddler beds and into a bunkbed!! It's been an adjustment, but they really do love it.

First Birthday!

Jayce is ONE!

Stats at 12 months:
Weight: 19 lbs. 1 oz
Height 29.5 inches
Head Circ: 18.75 inches

I'm honestly not sure where that YEAR went. How is my newborn already turning 1?!

Kylie was positive that Jayce was going to wake up and be able to walk. It didn't quite happen, but he was standing on his own and has since starting taking steps and getting more confident.

His birthday was simple and perfect. Balloons, chocolate zucchini bread and a few great presents. And everyone's undivided attention. He loved every minute.

That's his "I'm in my high chair where is the food?" face
much better!
He sure loves to throw things. 100% boy.
He is also very loud and loves to ROAR at his sisters.
And he makes great faces. 
Jayce loves food! But he no longer likes to be fed, he wants to do it by himself.

He can sign and speak a few words, but is very good at letting us know what he wants. He mostly communicates through pointing, laughing, yelling, or making this adorable squished up face when he doesn't like something.

Jayce has mastered stairs. Up and down. But I still block the stairs to keep him contained.

We are done nursing! WOOHOO!! It's so nice that I'm not the only one who can put him to bed anymore!

Jayce gives lovely open mouth kisses to all of us. The girls love it, and so do I! He tolerates hugs, but doesn't love them. (He likes snuggles from McKenna more than Kylie, he always pushes Kylie away. It's very interesting.) He does love to chase his sisters around, or have them chase after him. He thinks both of his sisters are hilarious.

McKenna and Kylie both lovingly call him "Buddy." The first thing McKenna does in the morning is ask "is Buddy awake?"

His smile melts all our hearts and I am completely wrapped around his finger.

Love you Buddy!!