Thursday, March 3, 2016

Dallin's Golden Birthday

Dallin turned 28 on Sunday the 28th!!

We had to make the weekend extra special since it was his "golden" birthday. 

On Friday night we went as a family to a high school basketball game to watch one of Dallin's priests play. It was one of the most intense high school games I have ever been to. And they won!! yay. Kylie loved the band and the cheereleaders.

On Saturday, we cleaned up the yard, spent time as a family, and then Dallin and I went on a DATE! woohoo! We went to dinner at Red Robin, they have new garlic parmesan fries that are bottomless and INCREDIBLE.

Next time, I'd be fine with just those fries and a bottomless drink. :) We were so stuffed form dinner, but got dessert at Coldstone that we could bring home to eat later while we watched the BYU basketball game (not the best way to end the day...)

On Sunday, Kylie and I decorated the house and made breakfast while Daddy slept in.

Then we went to church. We came home and Kylie wold sing to Dallin whenever she remembered it was his birthday. We had a delicious dinner. Made lots of yummy treats (homemade samoas, and sugar cookies,) talked with both of our families, opened presents, Dallin played some piano, and then got the girls to bed so that we could have some quite time. We read and played a game, and enjoyed more snacks. :)

I had a great time, I hope Dallin did as well!

We love you Daddy!!!

McKenna 15 Months!

Our baby girl is 15 months old now!! She's only 3 months away from going to Nursery! What?! I can't believe it, and CAN'T WAIT at the same time.

McKenna weighs  21 lbs. 11 oz. is 30 in. tall, and has 8 teeth with a few more working their way through.

Our doctor's visit was a little rough this time around. She loves the doctor, and getting weighed, measured, etc. but wasn't a huge fan of getting her shots. I expected that. But she has had low iron for the last few appointments, and even with supplements, her results weren't high enough for the doctor's liking. So we had to go to the outpatient lab to have her blood drawn and make sure there wasn't a bigger problem going on. She hated when I had to bear hug her around the chest, with one nurse keeping her arm completely still and another nurse jabbing a needle into her arm. The nurse couldn't find the vein and kept wiggling the needle around until she found it... then the vein blew as soon as she started to draw blood. So we had to try again on McKenna's other arm. The second time around McKenna knew what was coming and threw a fit, I almost couldn't keep her on my lap. Luckily they got what they needed, I gave McKenna a snack and we ran out of there. Yikes.

Anyway... Here's the FUN stuff McKenna is doing these days.

She climbs everything, stairs, slides, drawers, toilets, rocking chairs, etc.

She can walk, but is still pretty tentative and slow. Although the other day she did squat down and then stand back up again. I'm in no rush to push her along, she is already way more of a trouble maker than her big sister.

She loves food. Don't get between her and her food/snacks.

she gets really frustrated that she can't open the fridge like sister...
I tried to take away her snack bag at the doctor's office and the nurse perfectly described her reaction as "hulking out." Kylie has picked up on the term... and uses it whenever McKenna gets mad about something. ha! We're trying to teach her to use her utensils.

She does great when we put food on the spoon and then hand it to her, but if we leave it up to her to get the food on the spoon... she opts for holding the spoon in one hand and shoveling the food in with the other hand.

The only thing she won't eat these days is bread crust, Thank you Kylie.

McKenna has started "talking" a lot. She says Momma, Dada, Hi, Bye, Cheese, Up, Thank You, yumm, Ky-Ky(this is still a rare one) and a whole bunch of other things that we can't quite understand yet. She is also the best at cheering and making super cheesy grins.

She also folds her arms for prayers and mumbles something at the end that is meant to be amen. SO adorable.

She still takes 2 naps, the first is anywhere from 45min to 2 hours and her second is 2-3. I love the time I get to spend with Kylie during that time.

The girls love each other. They hold hands in the car, make faces at each other, and are always laughing or giggling about something. I love seeing them interact so well together.

A few weeks ago we moved McKenna's crib into Kylie's room!! I've been wanting to move her for a while but was scared. We finally decided to go for it. They do awesome. We put McKenna down first, read books with Kylie downstairs while McKenna calms down, and then put Kylie down. Now Kylie doesn't come into our room every night having nightmares, I get my closet back( McKenna's previous "room") and we can use our master bathroom again (it would wake up McKenna if we went in there at all while she was sleeping)! ha. They do wake up earlier now around 8 or so, but I will take the uninterrupted sleep over sleeping an extra 45 minutes of rest any day.

I think that is about it for our two girlies!! They are growing and changing every day. We love them so much!!