Monday, February 22, 2016

Cancun, Mexico

Dallin and I dropped the girls off in Kennewick with my parents on Saturday January 30th. At 4:00am on Sunday, we hopped on a plane to Mexico.

too early to be awake...
We spent a week at the Fiesta Americana Hotel at Coral Beach, Cancun with Dallin's parents and Andy's family.

Amazing stained glass on the ceiling in the lobby
View from our room
It was an incredible week. It was exactly the relaxation and rejuvenation we needed.  (Dallin missed the girls as soon as we left, but in all honesty, I didn't miss then until about 5 days into the trip... I guess it really was time for a little break.)

We tagged along with the family for an audiology conference, the conference officially started on Wednesday, so we had a few days to visit ruins, enjoy activities on the beach and try some crazy local restaurants.

The restaurants we ate at the first few days.
Cambalache (a BIG Steak house)

Souffle potatoes, in a bowl made out of different fried potato slices
emphasis on the BIG steak
Carlos 'n Charlies. None of us will ever forget this experience... definitely loud 'n wild.

My oreo shake next to mom's... I was born in Texas, go big or go home. ;)
We rented Jet Skis one afternoon. Dallin is a CRAZY driver.

Visiting the Ruins.

Ain't no mosquito biting me!
Precursor to basketball?
riding bikes between the different sites
The pyramid/temple
We made it to the top!!
going down was WAY more terrifying than going up
We saw this little guy on the walk back to lunch
Authentic Mexican. Most everything was delicious! Especially the Horchata :)
The group waiting for the "train"

The Train
The fam
Pathways into and out of the city

We took a glass bottom boat to go snorkeling, we were ALL sea sick and ready to be off the boat by the end.

Once the conference started, Dallin and I slept in (while classes were going,) went to fun parties and dinners, WON a scavenger hunt!! Go team red!! and enjoyed a lot of time at the pool and beach.

Dallin is so excited to talk to all the vendors!
Dancers at one of the dinners
Fancy/Awards Night.

Black and white

White out Party.

Beach time!

Poolside treats.
SO MUCH READING!! love it.
It was rainy and chilly on our last day, but that didn't stop us from going outside!
The boys even found a way to watch a BYU Game.

All too soon it was time to go home... But it was pretty awesome to watch the sunrise from the airport. :)

Thank you Mom and Dad for the opportunity to go on such an incredible trip!!