Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sweet Girls.

Some moments lately are really, really hard. I am tired and uncomfortable, McKenna wants to be held ALL THE TIME (and she weighs a ton), Kylie is a sassy and disobedient threenager... BUT we also have beautiful moments every day as well.

I want to remember those good moments, not the rough ones.

So here are some recent goodies:

The girls insist on waving goodbye to daddy every day. It's adorable.
Kylie LOVES dancing to old musicals! So much better than anything on the radio these days!
McKenna's adorable pig tails!
Kylie putting dishes away after laying me down for a nap
Me "napping"
Kylie giving stickers to "baby brother"
Family Date Night!
Kylie helping with laundry
Breakfast selfies!
McKenna being her crazy self with firework hair.
Playing in the water with friends!
McKenna trying to get her socks on by herself
These moments are not from the girls... but still great moments from the last little while!

Dallin and I finally made it to the temple together! So beautiful and peaceful!

And my Mother's Day present. I can't believe I drive a minivan, but I love it! :) Thank you my love. And total bonus... it fits in our garage! (barely)


We have been blessed to have a lot of family visits over the last few months! It's just so boring around here with no visitors!

Ok,,, not that boring because of this little ham
The girls and I made a quick trip to Kennewick to see Kaylee and baby Charlotte March 3rd through the 6th. (It was my first time driving a long distance with the girls and WITHOUT Dallin.... we survived. barely.) After the trip, Danielle decided to come back to Hillsboro with us and stay for a few days. The girls were in HEAVEN.

We even got to watch one of Eliza's basketball games

Kylie got a hold of the camera and took a picture of everyone...

And then wanted one of her.

Playing at the park.

The Moody family joined us for General Conference on April 3rd.

gotta have homemade cinnamon rolls!

And then after they partied at the beach for a few days, we joined them at the Zoo before they drove home on the 7th! So good to see our cousins!

let me in there!!
The ducks kept everyone's attention for the longest... silly kids.

Mom and Danielle came to visit April 9th through the 12th. While they were here Mom took me to replace my lost license, we went shopping, Danielle and I watched Dallin play in a championship basketball game (they lost by 5... great game though!!) Danielle and Mom joined me for a Relief Society activity about tips for cutting hair, Danielle, Dallin and I went to a late night movie, and LASTLY, we had our anatomy ultrasound and found out that Kylie and McKenna will be getting a little BROTHER! I'm still in shock a month later...

Dallin's parents made a trip to Hillsboro April 21st through 24th. We joined them at their hotel on the first night to go swimming in the hotel pool. Then they joined us at our house for a few days and we went shopping at Woodburn, had Every Day Donuts (amazing as always) and just enjoyed our time with them!

On the 24th, the girls and I caught a ride with Grandma and Grandpa Hague back to Kennewick, We stayed for a week so that we could see Brandem, Kaylee and Charlotte before Branden started PA school and we never see him again... jk... kind of. We kept busy!! We cheered on Trevor at his track meet, he even PR'd! We had a movie night with the Brooks family, we drew lots of pictures, Kylie played with my old Polly Pockets, we went out for Frozen Yogurt to celebrate Grandpa Miskho's birthday, we visited and played with the cousins, we had pizza with the missionaries, we test drove a bunch of vans, and we loved of baby Charlotte as much as we could. It was a great week, but we were so glad to get home and see Dallin again!!

Kylie's self portrait from the drive home.
fhe activity
Talk about flaskbacks seeing all of these Polly Pockets!
The girls love their Grandma Great!
Grandma and her grandbabies
Kylie was SO tired when we got home!
Now we have to wait a month before we see any of our family again! Hopefully it goes quickly!!