Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Family Pictures

We had some family pictures taken with all the awesome fall colors. We didn't have any great family pictures with McKenna, so we thought it was about time. (We did 2 sessions, one with more green, and one with more yellows)


Parties!! We went to three different Halloween Parties this year. A family party, a work party and the annual adult only party. (we finally got some pictures this year!!)

Jello Brains... I couldn't bring myself to try it.
Homemade, life-size operation game
Can you guess which candy? We got all but 3...
Pumpkin Carving. Kylie told us what to carve, and even helped get out the goop. :)

Trick or Treating. It was pouring rain, but we still had a great time! Since it was raining, there weren't too many kids out... so Kylie got A LOT of candy. Parent tax is heavily enforced. :)

Cheerios for the babe. Sorry, next year you can have candy! :)
Rapunzel, a Shadow and a Butterfly. :)


I had a great birthday this year. I took Kylie to preschool, and when I got back home Dallin had made a hot breakfast. McKenna was taking a nap so we got to eat together, It was wonderful.

Kylie sang to me throughout the day, we played and the girls were pretty good for me.

Kylie even let me play with her hair. :)

Dallin came home early and started dinner and dessert. Unfortunately, piano lessons started right as we were sitting down to eat. So we had to wait for lessons to be over before we could eat our food. It was still tasty.

Mint Chocolate Parfaits!

My parents and Trevor came to visit for the weekend after my birthday. We loved having them! We took a short trip to St. Helens to visit "Halloween Town." We met the Sanderson sisters, went on a hay ride, and took lots of fun pictures.

Trevor doing magic... (the leaf was on a spider web.)

We ended the celebration with cheesecake and presents. It was a perfect birthday weekend.

Dallin got me a nice camera and signed me up for an online photography class for my birthday. It's been fun experimenting with the camera and trying to figure out lighting, composure, etc. :)