Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hood River

My mom had her 50th birthday at the end of September, and to celebrate she wanted to visit waterfalls. So on Saturday, October 1st we headed to Hood River to meet my mom, dad and Danielle. We spent all afternoon hiking and finding different waterfalls. It was awesome! We had rain and sun and wind to keep us guessing what to wear all day. Ha!

McKenna the copy cat :)
Dallin found this sweet bridge
Baby Jayce was there too!! :)
Cleaning our shoes
Checking out the Gorge
We saw quite a few rainbows in between all the rain.
that ponytail!! rock it girl!
so many beautiful waterfalls!
Danielle caught a frog

We spent the night with them in Hood River after all of our hiking, watched General Conference the next morning and then headed home.

Such a fun, short trip! Thanks for letting us tag along!!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Shout out to my Kylie Girl

I have to write a quick post for my sweet Kylie.

She has loved Jayce from the minute we told her we were having another baby. She would kiss and hug my belly and sing him songs.

The first few days after he was born, everyone had to fight her for time holding him.

But that't not the only thing I want to remember.

She has been THE BEST helper over the last 6 weeks.  She gets diapers, picks out his clothes, gives him the pacifier, and tells me that I need to feed him to help him feel better. :)

She also still wants to hold him constantly. There are a lot of times when Jayce is crying and she will ask to hold him because "Jayce needs his big sister. "

There have also been multiple times when Kylie has realized that I haven't had a chance to eat, shower, get dressed, go the bathroom, etc. and she will tell me "Mom, you go eat and I will hold Jayce for you." And she does, even if he is screaming. She will hold his hand and kiss him and tell me to finish doing whatever I need to do. She is such a lifesaver.

I love you Kylie, that you for everything you do!

Jayce's Blessing

Since all of our family was in town for the race, we decided to go ahead and bless Jayce on the same weekend.

So much family came to support us, and it was wonderful seeing Dallin, uncles, Grandpas and Great Grandpa up in the circle holding our sweet baby boy.

Dallin gave a beautiful blessing, and you could feel how much he and our Heavenly Father love Jayce.
Four Generations of Hagues
Hague Family

We had all the family over for a little dinner at our house after church. It was a little crowded in our home, but it was still great.

Our crazy family...

I don't think she'll ever like this... ha!
Heath Family
Danielle made these cute "J" cookies. delish.
Thank you everyone for celebrating our sweet baby with us!

Hero-Up Race

Dallin and I chose to opt out of running this year, since we didn't know exactly when Jayce would be joining our family. But Dallin volunteered along the race route, and I was there to cheer everyone on as they finished. :)

The girls participated in the kids race, and had a great time! Kylie's race was a REALLY long distance (for a 4 year old) but she finished it eventually. ha!

My Dad and Danielle joined in the race this year! It was fun to have them here! Danielle went all out dressing up as Thor. She won the "Best Look Alike" award. So awesome.

Dallin's family had a lot of participants this year!! Way to go everyone!!

half marathoner!!
Beat him Elayna!! :)

We love seeing so much family!!

creeeper Danielle...
Dad won his age division for the half marathon!

If anyone is looking for a really fun race, for a wonderful cause, this is the one for you!