Thursday, December 3, 2015

Christmas Decorating Party

As soon as we got home from Thanksgiving, we decorated for Christmas. I can't believe how fast the last few months have gone by!!

McKenna is a magnet for food...

I just love this season!! Kylie was so giddy helping us decorate the tree. And McKenna really likes crawling underneath the branches... weirdo.

A few of our cute nativities :)
Kylie wanted to take pictures of us

We've been listening to Christmas music and watching lots of classic Christmas movies. YAY!!!


We were in the Tri-Cities for Thanksgiving.

We spent a few hours with the Hague family on Thanksgiving morning. We left just as they were starting to eat, so that we could go to dinner with the Miskho family. We didn't feel like eating 2 big Thanksgiving meals. :)

Tony and Cindy hosted Thanksgiving this year, the house was beautiful and it was so great to eat food and be with all of our family!

We celebrated Darran and my dad's birthdays while we were home. We played games with the Moody's for Darran's birthday, it was fun!! For my dad's birthday, we went to the carousel of dreams, had mud pie, opened presents, and went to Fujiyama for dinner. Kylie was pretty nervous about the cooking fires, but the rest of us had a great time!

Trevor got the brass ring TWICE.
Jacob is so sweet with Kylie.
4 generations of beautiful ladies.
Drumstick and mud pie. Yes mam!

We also did a lot of hanging out with family while we were home.

We raked 26 bags of leaves... and that's only a quarter of Grandma's lawn. WHEW!

McKenna Jane. Age 1.

How is it even possible that my baby is a ONE YEAR OLD?!

We love her so much!!

My family came to visit for McKenna's birthday, we didn't do a whole lot. But we still had a great time!

McKenna with her baby from Aunt Danielle
We went to Costco for shopping and samples (the girls' favorite place,) and then had dinner and cake and played with Grandma, Grandpa and Trevor. McKenna was sick on her birthday, so I didn't really let her go all out on her birthday cake, but she still loved it. (Sorry for the picture overload)

Are you really letting me do this?
She protected her plate with one hand, while she shoveled the cake in with the other hand.

Washing her hands in her water

Opening presents

Some things about our sweet McKenna:

McKenna's favorite modes of transportation are crawling and walking with her new toy, but she can stand on her own and has taken quite a few steps. We may have a walker soon!! ahhhh!

She is starting to talk, she can say mama, dada, papa. She babbles constantly (especially because it gets lots of laughs out of Kylie.)
She sleeps like a champ, 12+ hours at night and 2 naps during the day.
She is a garbage disposal. She literally devours anything we give to her, and does not stop eating. Ever. She doesn't eat baby food anymore, only real food for this big girl.
She loves to give kisses, and we all love it!

She is mini. 28.5 inches long, and 18 lbs.
She has finally stopped eating everything she finds on the ground, she will now pick it up and hand it to me. woohoo!
McKenna loves climbing. She has mastered going up the stairs and is pretty close to mastering coming down. She also loves to climb all over Dallin and I, and up the slide.

She also makes some really great faces.

She has 3 teeth. and is working on quite a few more. The pediatrician thinks her molars should be here soon... yikes.
She is so happy, and still loves her big sister. McKenna does everything she can to be by Kylie and doing the same thing as big sister.

Coloring like sister
We love you baby girl!!