Friday, July 22, 2016

Oaks Park

Dallin's work group had a picnic at Oaks Park on July 15th.

They served a BBQ dinner which was pretty great, but everyone was anxious to get to the rides.

Kylie is a total thrill seeker and loved every minute of it! Dallin tried to go on the roller coaster with her, and she told him to watch and that she could do it by herself. She had her arms in the air the entire time, laughing and smiling! She did as many rides as she was allowed to ride, and we were there until the park closed. McKenna even did a few rides and had a great time! Kylie was spoiled because one of her best friends was there with her family for the picnic as well, they had a great time running around and riding rides together.

Kylie's day at "Work"

On July 14th Kylie got to go to work with Dallin for "take your kid to work" day.

She was in heaven.

She got all ready, can't forget her special badge! They ate breakfast, made their lunches together and brushed their teeth and they were off!

Last picture before they head out!
McKenna wanted in on the action!!
While at "work," Kylie got to see firetrucks, police cars, undercover cops, SWAT team and a police boat, played baseball, got her face painted, watched a man do magic tricks, did lots of fun crafts, ate ice cream and did many other fun activities. She was so excited to tell me about her day when they got home.


I'm afraid she's going to want to go to work with Dallin all the time because she thinks he just gets to play all day. :)
She thought she looked so silly while we were trying to wash off the paint.

4th of July Vacation

Friday July 1st: Spent the evening swimming in Grandma Great's awesome pool.

woohoo!! She'll finally put her face underwater!
McKenna didn't quite understand that it was supposed to be relaxing to lay down... lol

Saturday morning the 2nd: Drive to Cocolalla!! Take the Moody girls and Grandma Hague with us.

Sunday morning the 3rd: Mom came into our room early to get the car keys because Karisa was being delivered, so they needed to take the car seats to get the girls back to Kennewick!! The Moody girls get to meet their sweet little sister! We stay at Cocolalla with Andy and his family, go to church, go on a nature walk, play at the water and relax. It was a little strange only having our 2 little families up there...

Sweet sleepy face
All ready for church
Hello Belly!
It's blurry, but they were being so cute and silly.

Monday the 4th!! Grandma and Grandpa bring the Moody girls back!! We do sparklers and fireworks (before putting the babies to bed), a fire with S'mores, and BIG fireworks.

Caught eating all the delicious cereal...
Those beautiful brown eyes...
THE face. She always does this...

Tuesday: Andy and family have to head back to Tri-Cities. We missed those crazy boys!

Thursday: Elayna and Avery fly in to Spokane! Avery and McKenna were so fun to watch together!

It was a little chilly most of the week, but that didn't stop us from getting out in the water and behind the boat. The girls both went on the tube, Dallin got on the slalom, and I watched it all from the boat or on shore. :)

Making scrap book pages from out Disney trip
Everyone needs to have Oreo's with Grandpa!!
Gotta get in a few rounds of the Train Game

On Friday we drove back to Kennewick. Dallin and I got to meet Karisa on Saturday (she's so little and perfect!!) we had  dinner with the Hague family Saturday night and went to Country Mercantile with my dad for ice cream afterward.

Our trip ended all too soon when we had to head back home on Sunday afternoon! Thanks for the great memories everyone!!

Back home reading with his girls!!