Sunday, June 11, 2017

Back to K*Town

The kids and I drove back to Kennewick on the 27th of March to spend our Spring Break with family.

We had a lot of fun! But we definitely missed Dallin. Vacation is just not the same without him!!

While we were in Kennewick we played with family, my Aunt Michelle and her kids came to town for some of the days which was great. My girls LOVE my cousins.

We went swimming at Grandpa's pool, went shopping,

Painted some pottery at Color Me Mine (Where Danielle has been working,)

and we also had FHE at Grandma Miskho's house.

My favorite part of the week was all the time I got with Danielle. We went to the movies, and to the pottery place just the 2 of us, and stayed up WAY too late every night talking. I haven't been able to do that with her... like... ever. It was fabulous.

We drove back on the 31st so we could spend General Conference weekend with Dallin. I had to make sure he had his homemade cinnamon rolls on Sunday morning!! ;)

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