Sunday, June 11, 2017

Other events the last 4 months...

A lot has happened the last few months, but I didn't feel like doing a tiny post for each thing. SO here is a nice long post with the few things I thought deserved a special mention (or that I want to remember later.)

 Pi Day Party March 13th (I didn't feel like making anything sweet so I brought my own version of "pi" in a pie plate.)

I hosted a Play Group on March 17th. McKenna LOVES when Kylie's friends let her play with them. She was in heaven.

I watched Women's Conference with some friends on March 25th. Always nice to get away and have some "girl time."

I've been to multiple adorable baby showers the past few months. Can't wait to hold all the sweet new little ones!

We had our Piano tuned April 7th, it had been awhile! It sounds so much better! YAY!

Danielle entered the MTC on April 19th. We love reading her weekly e-mails. She's serving a mission in Hawaii. :)

Kylie had her Kindergarten Open House on April 20th. I am so not ready for her to go to school... she is my big helper at home!! Who's going to put the dishes away?! ;)

Finished Jayce's Quilt (given to him on Christmas.) It's been "done" for months. But I needed to fix a few seams before it was washed, and I just never could get to it. But now it's done!

Dallin and I went to an Intel Pre-showing of Guardians of Galaxy on May 4th. The movie started at 10:30 pm, so it was a late night, but we had lots of fun.

The young men in our ward held a Scout Pancake Fundraiser on May 20th to earn money for scout camp. Dallin did most of the organizing, but made the young men do all the work. It was a lot of fun.

Dallin and I ran in the Intel Great Place to Run 5k on June 2nd. We each had a jogging stroller, and they made ALL strollers start at the very back of the pack, so we had to weave our way around all the walkers as we started to run. It was a little frustrating at times, especially at the end of the race when I wanted to sprint to the end and everyone in front of me decided to spread across the street and walk.... but I finished under 30 minutes which was my goal, and Dallin wasn't too far behind me.

We had our 2nd annual Spring Piano Recital on June 3rd. Each of our students did a fabulous job and we couldn't be more proud of them and all the progress they have made this year!!

And a whole bunch of fun times with my sweet family.

Kylie has been working on her drawing. :)
Everyone is on the bus going to school
They like me to make "nests" with their hair.
Picnic at the library
Family bike ride... with a broken bike,
Trying on Kylie's coat
Lots of playing with leaves... Shes trying to keep them from blowing away.
Second helper in training
We've spent quite a bit of time playing our friends incredible new piano.
Her first mascara application
It's blurry... but this is how McKenna keeps herself on Dallin's back.

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