Sunday, June 11, 2017

Jayce. 9 Months.


How has my newborn been out of me longer than he was in!?

Anyway... Jayce is still completely adorable. And we all love him to pieces.

At his 9 month appointment here were his stats:
Weight: 17 pounds
Height: 27.6 inches
Head Circ: 18,25 inches
2 bottom teeth. The top 2 are ready to break through any second.

He has finally started putting on some more weight, but the doctor would like him to put on even more. So we've been given doctors orders to feed Jayce ice cream. ha! He loves chicken, fish, bread, fruits, veggies, yogurt, ice cream (he didn't even seem to mind the cold) and Mum Mums. :)

He had his second haircut on May 1st. It did not go well... think mullet/almost shaved on one side... and choppy everywhere else... but he rocks it. And his hair is so fluffy right now... you can't really tell. ha!

Jayce crawls like a speed demon, pulls himself up on everything, is starting to cruise along furniture, and  has decided that it would be a good idea to start figuring out how to go up the stairs. ahh!

Jayce babbles constantly "mama," "dada," "babababa" and he has picked up screaming from his sisters. yay! He also does a fake cough to get our attention, it's seriously adorable. He's also started waving and giving (very slobbery) kisses.

Had to take a picture of Jayce's little fingers next to Dallin's.
He does this and lifts both hands off the ground... so silly.

We lost his binky at the end of April. I bought several varieties, and Jayce would not take any of them. So we went cold turkey and he's been binky-free since. It's honestly been fabulous. We see his sweet smile more, he sleeps through the night and he talks more. We also stopped swaddling him soon after we took the binky away, lots of changes recently, and he's handling it like a champ.

Kylie and McKenna can't get enough of their baby brother, and he lights up every time he sees them walk in the room. I'm so glad they love each other.

Oh... and they love to join him in bed. :)

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