Sunday, June 11, 2017

Spring Dance Recital

Kylie had a Disney themed Spring Recital this year. It was adorable.

Dallin's parents were able to come and watch the dress rehearsal (May 13th) and spend the weekend with us. We ate "Every Day" donuts, went to the park, found a new suit for Grandpa, and went out to dinner.

My mom came down and joined us for the recital on May 17th. Kylie felt SO special to have BOTH sets of Grandparents come and watch her. :) 

My mom stayed through the weekend and was a saint watching the kids while I cleaned, went to the dentist and the doctor with Jayce, and ran some much needed errands. We also spent a day at the Portland Temple Grounds which was so peaceful and wonderful.

Thank you to everyone who made Kylie feel so loved!

Now here are all the dance pictures I know you're dying to see... ;)

Mickey Mouse Dance

 Jungle Cruise/Lion King

 Pirates of the Caribbean


Chinese Dragon/Mulan

Kylie's shoe was falling off... but "the show must go on!"
The tongue.

She always strikes the same pose. :)


 Beauty and the Beast/Daddy-Daughter Dance

Love you Kylie girl!!

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